Benefits of Seido tube collectors

Highly efficient vacuum tube collectors are the right choice when top performance is in demand - throughout the entire year.

By preventing air circulation (convection), the vacuum provides efficient insulation and simultaneous protection from environmental influences.
This offers constant high efficiency. Their maximum attainable temperature of 250°C, makes tube collectors an excellent option, and desirable to support traditional heating systems.

Our Seido tube collectors come in three different types, optimized for different requirements and applications:


>Seido 1

>Seido 2
>Seido 5

+ True vacuum-tube collectors of long-term stability, high vacuum < 10-5 mbar
+ Maximum break-resistant borosilicate
glass tubes
+ Selectively coated aluminum nitride
absorber with absorptance of over 92%
+ All critical parts are made of stainless
+ Successfully used by the thousands
+ Quick and easy installation
+ 6-year manufacturer's product perfor-
mance warranty
+ Modular design

Thermal monitor
Left: flat-plate collector, right: tube collector

The thermal monitor reveals better insulation of vacuum tubes.