What you've always wanted to know
about solar thermal energy...

Due to impending fossil fuel shortages, price increases, and combustion pollution, there is a fast-growing interest in thermal energy. In Central Europe, a large part of household energy is used for heating (25%) and hot water (10%).
In Germany, solar thermal systems are installed in 4% of all one-family homes, saving approximately 200 million liters of fuel oil annually.

A solar thermal system for utility water heating presents itself as a good, low-cost start. In 2001 alone, over 80,000 solar water heating systems were installed in Germany, while a continuing trend toward larger equipment that supports space heating systems is detected (20,000 units in 2001).

The high-vacuum collectors made by Sunda Solar Technology were developed by DASA and designed particularly for use in our cold winter climate.

Advantages of vacuum tube collectors over flat plate collectors:

The high vacuum in the glass tube provides the collector with a highly efficient heat insulation. Even under adverse ambient conditions, such as low outdoor temperature and wind, no heat is lost through heat conduction or convection.

There is no better thermal insulation than the high vacuum of
10-5 bar that Sunda Solar Technology uses for its collectors (every good Thermos flask confirms this statement!). This is a great advantage especially during the cold months of the year.

+ Excellent thermal insulation guarantees high perfor-
mance year-round
+ Also, optimally suited for traditional heating system
support or back-up

Simultaneously, due to the collector being located inside the evacuated glass tube, the high vacuum protects the absorber surface's selective coating from moisture, steaming up, soiling, corrosion and degradation during the collector's entire life. The glass tube exterior is perfectly smooth and self-cleaning.

+ Constant efficiency

Low response threshold allows heat to build up in the collector, even in overcast or cloudy conditions with incoming solar radiation between 160 W/qm and 200 W/qm.

+ Collector efficiency in bad weather, and ideal for diffuse light

No lifting equipment or additional helper is required for installing any type of collector, as frame, collector and vacuum tubes are installed separately on the roof or wall of the building. The individual components fit through any small attic window. We carry the proper installation kit suitable for any roof type.

+ Critical installation time and cost saving
+ Quick and easy replacement of individual collector components
+ Easy system upgrading

The vacuum collector's high temperature level also allows solar cooling technology applications, and its special layout eliminates Legionella bacteria.

+ Safety factor for users
+ Expanded application range, large-scale systems

During installation, the absorber surfaces of the individual tubes can be optimally oriented according to incoming solar radiation, roof pitch, building facades, and variation from true south.

+ High planning and installation flexibility for maximum use of
incoming solar radiation
+ Increased efficiency

Sunda Solar Technology offers the correct type of collector for any structural situation. Seido 2 can be mounted at an arbitrary angle, resulting in a variety of architectonic possibilities.

Flat roofs
Collectors are inconspicuous from below; the support structure is not visible from above

Building facades
Transparent, and aesthetically pleasing arrangement over greater areas

Pitched roofs
Roof-top installation (over existing roofing tiles) eliminates roofing damage.
Good visibility makes it the "solar energy user's pride".